New evidence has shown that the brain activity of transgender individuals closely resembles the brain activity of their identified gender.

In a study of 160 participants, biological males who experience gender dysphoria were shown to have neurological patterns similar to those in biological females. The Belgian study, conducted by Julie Bakker of the University of Liege, used MRIs to scan the brains of children and teenagers who had been previously diagnosed with gender dysphoria. The results demonstrated that the transgender boys’ brain activity resembled that of cisgender boys and transgender girls’ brains resembled cisgender girls.

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Gender spectrum beyond gender binary graphic (ThinkStock by Getty images)

A strict gender binary is a societal construct, not a biological one. Numerous societies recognize gender beyond a binary. Some recognize as many as seven. Now science is shedding more light on the concept that supports gender as a spectrum instead of two sides of a coin.

In the dominant society labeling as a "boy" or "girl" begins before we're even born. But with all of the factors that contribute to gender, such simplistic labels may some day become obsolete.

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The Canadian province of Ontario passed a groundbreaking law earlier this month granting affirmative rights to LGBTQ children. The law, which would allow the government to remove a child from a home that does not accept the child’s gender identity or gender expression, has caused a deep rift between conservatives and liberals, with some conservatives even calling the bill “totalitarian.” What does a bill like this mean? And could the U.S. follow suit?

The Canadian Law Would Grant Strong Affirmative Rights to LGBTQ Children

The bill, called the Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act of 2017, or Bill 89, passed 63 to 23. It replaces the previous law governing child protective services, foster care and adoption.

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Sometimes kids change history.

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Big-box retailer Target garnered praise from the LGBT community in April after it pledged not to bar transgender individuals from using the restroom which corresponds with their chosen gender identity. Now, in a move which seems designed to calm critics who've boycotted the company, it announced it would spend $20 million to install a private bathroom in each of its stores. Most Target locations already have single-stall bathrooms, but the company will add the option to 277 stores by November and about 20 other stores by March 2017. Katie Boylan, a Target spokeswoman, confirmed that Target would continue to welcome transgender customers to use the bathroom they choose.

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