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House Republicans within the Republican Study Committee are attempting to pressure Amazon into reviving the sale of a gay conversion therapy book series on its platforms.

Vice News reports that some members of the committee distributed a handout urging fellow members—about 70% of the total number of Republican representatives—to urge Amazon to offer books by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, author of such gems as A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality and Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality. The company recently banned the books from the site because it violated Amazon's rules.

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SAN JOSE, CA - JANUARY 06: Adam Rippon falls while competing in the Men's Free Skate during the 2018 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships (Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Adam Rippon recently became the first openly gay United States athlete to qualify for the Winter Olympics. The figure skater finished fourth in the U.S. figure skating championships; he'll compete alongside Vincent Zhou and Nathan Chen on behalf of the U.S. in Pyeongchang.

Of course, it's not like the talented performer just came out. He's been openly gay for quite some time! In fact, it's been over two years now since the day Rippon first came out in SKATING magazine. Here are the details.

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Today marks the one-year anniversary of Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court ruling which extended marriage equality nationwide. The landmark decision was a major victory for the country's LGBT community.

But as the rest of the community celebrated, the lead plaintiff in the case sat in the airport waiting for a flight back home to Ohio. "I spent my decision day sitting in the airport because my flight was delayed, delayed, delayed and finally cancelled about 1 a.m.,” said Jim Obergefell self-deprecatingly in an interview with the Washington Blade. "I wasn’t able to really take part in the celebrations that were going on that night. When I meet people, so many times I hear stories about how they were just out having fun... all I can think of was I was sitting in Reagan airport. It wasn’t quite that fun.”

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BSA President Robert Gates called for an end Mark Zaleski / Associated Press

[DIGEST, May 21, 2015, NYT, USA Today]  As reported in The New York Times, the long standing ban on gay adult leaders in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) may come to an end, according to the president of the organization, Robert Gates.

“I must speak as plainly and bluntly to you as I spoke to presidents when I was director of the CIA and secretary of defense... We must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be. The status quo in our movement's membership standards cannot be sustained,” Gates said.

Gates hedged this warning by stating that certain religious organizations that sponsor local Boy Scout troops, including the Mormons and Roman Catholics, would remain free to set their own policies for leaders. Echoing some of the tensions surrounding questions of “religious freedom” versus public accommodations for LGBT, Gates noted, “We must, at all costs, preserve the religious freedom of our church partners to do this.” Gates added, “Such an approach would allow all churches, which sponsor some 70 percent of our Scout units, to establish leadership standards consistent with their faith.”

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