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When President Donald Trump's chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, announced that the administration would be hosting the 2020 G7 summit of world leaders at Trump's own Doral Miami resort, there was widespread backlash. It was widely considered it a poorly masked attempt by Trump to profit off the Presidency by funneling millions of taxpayer dollars into one of his businesses.

The Trump administration, while falsely claiming the President wouldn't profit from the summit, insisted that Doral was chosen solely because it was the best place in the United States to host the G7. Mulvaney even said one of the site's inspectors remarked that Doral appeared to be made especially for the G7, with bountiful accommodations for the expansive security, culinary, transportation, and other amenities required for a gathering of world leaders.

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President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence attend a meeting on religious freedom at United Nations headquarters on September 23, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Watchdog group Republicans for the Rule of Law is taking no prisoners in a new ad highlighting the corruption of President Donald Trump. The ad won't be preaching to the choir either: It's set to air on 'Fox & Friends' on Monday, meaning many of the President's supporters and quite likely the President himself will see it.

The ad begins with Trump talking about his 2016 Democratic opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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Win McNamee/Getty Images // Joe Raedle/Getty Images

During a press briefing at the White House on Thursday, President Donald Trump's Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, announced that the 2020 G7 Summit will be held at Trump National Doral Miami, shocking many that one of the most crucial international summits will be held at a resort owned by the President.

Trump had floated the possibility at the 2019 G7 summit in France this past August to massive outcry.

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HELSINKI, FINLAND - JULY 16, 2018: US President Donald Trump (L) and Russia's President Vladimir Putin during a meeting at the Presidential Palace. Mikhail Metzel/TASS (Photo by Mikhail MetzelTASS via Getty Images)

President Donald Trump spent much of this past weekend's G7 summit advocating for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who launched an attack on the sanctity of American democracy in 2016 and has continued to do so. Now Russian state television is mocking Trump for being such an unwavering ally to Putin.

Russia was booted from the G7—then the G8—network of world leaders after Putin illegally annexed Crimea, a peninsula in southern Ukraine in 2014.

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Alex Wong/Getty Images, Sean Gallup/Getty Images

President Donald Trump praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for his illegal 2014 seizure of Crimea, a peninsula on the coast of Ukraine, at the 2019 G7 summit in France. Trump made the assertion that somehow former President Barack Obama was to blame.

Russia was booted from the G8—now the G7—as a result of Putin's illegal annexation, but now Trump, breaking with the other world leaders, wants to bring Putin back to the table.

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US President Donald Trump takes a drink of water at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC, December 18, 2017. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Wednesday, July 25, 2018, Daniel W. Drezner posted this on Twitter.

Embarking on a seemingly never-ending quest over a year ago on April 25, 2017, Dan Drezner, a professor at the Fletcher Graduate School of international affairs posted an excerpt from an article from The Washington Post on Twitter. He captioned the share:

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