Free Speech

7 Twitter Users Blocked by Donald Trump Are Suing Him on Constitutional Grounds

A team of Twitter users is squaring off against White House lawyers in a battle to determine it’s legal for…

2 years ago

U.S. to Prosecute WikiLeaks’ Assange, Raising Constitutional Concerns

The Department of Justice is considering charges against Julian Assange, founder and editor of Wikileaks. The case would largely hinge…

2 years ago

Despite No Specific Allegations, Six Reporters Arrested Covering Trump’s Inauguration

[DIGEST: The Guardian, New York Times] Six reporters were arrested and charged with felonies while covering the violent protests that…

3 years ago

China’s New Media Regulations Bring Anger, Heartbreak to LGBT Community

New Chinese regulations are published banning the depiction of gay couples on television.

3 years ago

Talk Like a Pirate: Iceland Repeals Anti-Blasphemy Law

EDITOR'S NOTE: Article has been updated to reflect latest communication from Birgitta Jonsdottir that the Pirate Party is the second smallest political party…

4 years ago