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Trump Advisor Compares Biden Town Hall to 'Mr. Rogers' and People Fired Back With the Same Response
ABC News // Fotos International/Courtesy of Getty Images

President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden were scheduled to participate in a town hall style debate on October 15, but that was upended when Trump tested positive for the virus that's killed over 200 thousand Americans.

With Trump testing positive two weeks before the scheduled event, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the second debate would be held virtually.

Trump refused and pulled out of the second debate, leading Biden's campaign to announce a town hall on ABC on the night originally planned for the debate.

As a result, Trump announced days later that he would participate in a town hall on NBC at the same time as Biden, essentially challenging the Democratic nominee to a ratings battle and limiting voters' ability to hear from both candidates.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Mercedes Schlapp attempted to roast Biden during his town hall by comparing him to the beloved children's show host Mr. Rogers.

The ill-advised comparison comes just weeks after Mr. Rogers' widow excoriated Trump as "pathologically ill."

Mr. Rogers was the host of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, which ran for 31 seasons until 2001. He was adored for his gentility and empathy while finding creative ways to introduce young viewers to complex issues.

Twitter roasted Schlapp for implying that Mr. Rogers was an unenviable personality.

The personality of Mr. Rogers is a far cry from that of Donald Trump.

Schlapp later made light of the moment in a Fox News interview, saying "We love Mr Rogers, but I gotta tell you, those puppets were always a little freaky when I was growing up."