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Tucker Carlson Roasted for Bizarre Interview Advocating for 'Testicle Tanning'—and Yeah, It's a Lot
Fox Nation

Far-right Fox News host Tucker Carlson is no stranger to broadcasting bizarre conspiracy theories to his millions of nightly viewers. He's regularly spewed the white supremacist "great replacement" theory and devoted an entire absurd documentary to the delusion that the Capitol attack was orchestrated by U.S. Intelligence agencies to discredit Trump supporters.

Now, Carlson is focusing on what he believes to be the eradication of masculinity in American society. He recently released the trailer for his new Fox Nation "documentary," The End of Men and it's...something.

Watch below.

With homoeroticism rivaled only by the volleyball scene in Top Gun, the trailer features men wrestling, chopping wood, milking cows (without a bucket), and testicle tanning. Yes, reader. Testicle tanning.

Directly exposing one's scrotum to sunlight is said to boost a man's testosterone by as much as 200 percent.

It also leads to awkward interviews with the most famous racist to lose Dancing with the Stars.

Carlson brought on fitness instructor Andrew McGovern to talk about the ways testicle tanning maximizes testosterone production, leading to an absurd interaction.

McGovern was touting to Carlson the benefits of red light therapy and "bromeopathy" to coax the body into producing more testosterone.

"Which is testicle tanning?" Carlson asked.

After McGovern confirmed, Carlson said:

"So obviously half the viewers are now like 'What? Testicle tanning? That's crazy.' But my view is, okay, testosterone levels have crashed and nobody says anything about it, so why is it crazy to seek solutions?"

People were over it and soon began mocking the entire segment.

Others highlighted the perils of testicle tanning, and suggested it would be detrimental to conservative men.

"Testicle Tanning" has since begun trending on Twitter.