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For the bulk of Fortnite’s third season of content, players have watched as the skies over Tilted Towers filled with meteors. In the days leading up to Epic Games’ announcement that season four was around the corner, those showers started to enter the atmosphere and strike the ground across the map. It’s all leading up to something big, but Epic has remained tight-lipped about what the culmination could be.

After the official Fortnite Twitter page posted a teaser for season four, speculation has turned to a superhero-themed season. The tweet (seen below) features a figure that appears to be donning superhero garb and the words “Battle. Adapt. Win.” It could very well be that the meteor showers are a prelude to the rise of heroes and extraterrestrial foe, but how that would play into Fortnite’s 100-player Battle Royale is all conjecture. Aliens would definitely help carry the horror elements of Fortnite's Survive the Storm mode into Battle Royale. Players have theorized that the meteors will either lead to a map where entire sections are missing or destroyed or one that sports pockmarks left by the crashing balls of space rock.

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