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Trump Slammed For Promising 'Food For Everyone' At Miami Restaurant—And Then Skipping Out Before Anyone Ordered

After he was arrested in Miami on 37 felony counts, Donald Trump visited Versailles Restaurant and promised 'food for everyone' before skipping out 10 minutes later.

MSNBC screenshot of Donald Trump surrounded by supporters

Former Republican President Donald Trump's recent visit to a Cuban restaurant in Little Havana, Miami, Florida stirred controversy after he promised "Food for everyone" of his supporters who'd gathered following his arrest in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case.

The Miami New Times, however, expressed doubt about whether Trump actually lived up to his promise of treating his followers to a spread of Cuban delicacies, including croquetas, pastelitos and cubanos along with cafecitos.

The publication reached out to a "knowledgeable source" who stated Trump's stop at the restaurant lasted no more than 10 minutes, leaving insufficient time for anyone to place an order or present him with a bill.

Interestingly, The New York Timesreported Trump did not consume any food at the Cuban restaurant. Instead, he reportedly opted for a meal from McDonald's aboard his private plane.

You can hear Trump's words and see what happened next in the video below.

Trump's propensity to lie and exaggerate and his track record of failing to fulfill financial obligations as well as his difficulty in securing legal representation contributed to the skepticism surrounding his promise of treating his supporters to a meal.

No one was surprised by this turn of events.

The event at Little Havana's Versailles Restaurant was also notable for the way MAGA supporters turned on a journalist who'd shown up to report on the events following Trump's arraignment.

Sky News producer Sophie Alexander was forcibly ejected from the premises and faced verbal abuse and physical intimidation from Trump's ardent supporters during the incident and was called a "stupid "b*tch" when she asked Trump if he's "ready to go to jail."

Alexander captured the hostility on video and shared it to Twitter and later told her followers that she had thankfully been unharmed during the incident.