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Italy’s Supervolcano Could Be Getting Ready to Blow

A supervolcano in Europe is showing signs of awakening.

Italy’s Supervolcano Could Be Getting Ready to Blow

[DIGEST: Independent, Newsweek, Wired, National Geographic]

The Earth has more than 1,500 potentially active volcanoes, quietly simmering under the surface or even along the ocean floor. Some, such as Hawaii’s Kilauea, are in a continual state of low-level eruption. Others, like Oregon’s Mount St. Helen’s, have erupted more destructively in the past century. It’s the supervolcanoes, however, that cause scientists the most concern. Supervolcanoes are large volcanoes with the potential to cause catastrophic damage on a continental, even global, scale if they erupt. In Italy, the Campi Flegrei supervolcano may be getting ready to show us exactly what that looks like.

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