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After passing the Senate and House of Represenatives, legislation ensuring permanent funding for the healthcare of first responders during the September 11 attacks went to the White House for President Donald Trump's signature.

While the passage of the bipartisan bill was a victory for American heroes, the signing ceremony highlighted an ongoing problem with Trump's claims about his actions during one of the most infamous days in American history.

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NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 27: Firefighters walk near a Harlem subway station where a morning train derailment occurred on June 27, 2017 in New York City. Thirty-four people suffered minor injuries in the subway derailment which causes major delays throughout the morning and afternoon. This is the latest incident for the MTA, the largest subway system in the country, and has city officials scrambling to make repairs and updates to the aging system. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

As if entering a burning building weren’t dangerous enough, firefighters these days have another risk to contend with: cancer.

The International Association of Firefighters says cancer is now the leading cause of death in the industry.

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