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Sean Spicer Tried to Come for CNN Fact-Checker for Posting Biden's Schedule—It Did Not Go Well
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images // CNN

Former President Donald Trump's first White House press secretary and contestant on Dancing with the Stars, Sean Spicer, set the precedent for the combative tone all of Trump's four press secretaries would take over the course of his presidency.

Spicer continues to claim the media deliberately covers Trump unfavorably and recently accused CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale of biased coverage of President Joe Biden because Dale tweeted out the President's schedule.

Spicer claimed Dale was working "on behalf of the Biden press shop."

There's just one problem: Dale regularly tweeted Trump's daily schedules literally hundreds of times during Trump's tenure in the White House.

Dale didn't hesitate to point this out.

And Spicer's rebuttal was somewhat incoherent.

Dale gently told him to "take the L."

Dale has received widespread criticism from the right for his real-time fact-checks of Trump. When the former President departed the White House, Dale was accused of bias for saying he would expand his fact checking to focus on online disinformation in addition to fact-checking Biden.

Some—like Trump's son, Donald Trump, Jr.—said this was just an excuse for Dale to smear Republicans. Dale responded that, with Trump out of the White House, he'd have more time to fact-check other sources because no politician told more outright lies than Trump—who made over 30 thousand false claims during his four years in office.

Dale wasn't the only one to point out Spicer's disinformation.

They also emphasized that Dale has fact-checked Biden as well.

Spicer now works for Newsmax, a far-right disinformation outlet.