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Loch Ness

Pregnant “Loch Ness” Fossil May Change Thinking About Reptiles

245 million year old fossil of a pregnant dinocephalosaurus changes the scientific community’s understanding ...


Mike Pence, The Unapologetic Anti-Scientist

Vice President-elect Mike Pence won’t be a friend to the scientific community nor to ...


Researchers Find Dogs Understand A Lot of What You Say

A new research study shows that dogs process the words we tell them separately ...


Humans Aren’t Alone In Evolving Through Cultural Differences

A new study reveals orcas are the first non-human animals whose evolution has been ...

The Fish that Walks Up Waterfalls

A rare cavefish found only in Thailand is the first of its kind to ...

Second Nexus

The Call of the Wild Comes at a Distinct Cost.

[DIGEST: AAAS, New York Times, Motherboard] New research suggests that, as with humans, some female ...

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