Simultaneous Europe Trips by Obama, Trump Form a Study in Contrasts

On Thursday morning, German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed President Barack Obama for a 90 minute panel discussion at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate as tens of thousands of cheering Germans looked on. It was a warm reunion for two former partners on the world stage. That same afternoon, Merkel traveled to Brussels for a meeting of NATO member states, where … Continued

Trump’s America “Is What Putin Wants.”

The President of the Eurasia Group, Ian Bremmer speaks to Second Nexus about Trump and Putin, the Muslim travel-ban, Trump’s immigration policies, the tensions between the US and Europe, and the challenges Europeans face in the age of Trump’s Presidency.

From Brexit to Grexit: Will Trump Force A Collapse of the Eurozone?

Greece’s exit from the Eurozone in 2017 will probably be the first default in Europe that Trump will have to confront. The imminent Grexit will bring the EU further closer to the edge of the cliff after Brexit. Unlike his predecessor, Trump seems not to have any specific plan how to protect the US economy from an another one financial turmoil in Europe.  



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