Has Dr. Sergio Canavero Already Performed a Human Head Transplant?

By the end of 2017, Italian doctor Sergio Canavero plans to carry out a highly controversial procedure: the first head human transplant between an anonymous recipient and a “brain-dead” body donor.

Furor Forces Backpedal over Mar-a-Lago

Yesterday, reporter Amy Westervelt noticed an April 4 State Department blog post promoting Mar-a-Lago, the country club owned by President Donald Trump. The ensuing uproar forced the State Department to remove the post, which was on the department’s ShareAmerica website and was shared on websites and Facebook pages for multiple US embassies. Westervelt was blunt … Continued

Even in Utah, Congressman Came Home to Angry Overflow Crowd

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) held a town hall in his home district last night and came under fire for resisting calls to investigate President Donald Trump’s international business empire and its myriad conflicts of interest. As the chair of the House Oversight Committee, Chaffetz is perhaps the government official with the most power to check Trump’s vast … Continued



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