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PHOTOS: Elusor Macrurus AKA the Mary River Turtle Is on the Endangered Species List

A list of 100 critically endangered reptiles features a popular turtle with long green ...

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How Many Tapanuli Orangutans Are Left on Earth?

Examining clues from fur texture and skull shape to DNA, scientists recently discovered a ...

endangered species, Amazon

PHOTOS: In the Amazon Rainforest, a New Species Is Being Discovered Every 2 Days

Unprecedented number of new species found in Amazon rainforest amid battles over mining and ...

Siberian Tigers

The Great Park of China: A Plan to Save the Last 27 Siberian Tigers

[DIGEST: IFLS, BBC, Yale, Washington Post] Even as China enjoys the wealth and advancements rapid ...


Trump Administration Swats Down Order Listing Bumblebee as Endangered

Trump administration delays putting the rusty patched bee on the endangered species list.

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