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Woman Who Smacked Trump Down at Town Hall Explains How She Made Up Her Mind to Vote Biden
MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images // MSNBC

President Donald Trump appeared in an ABC News town hall on Tuesday night, where he faced tough questions from prospective voters about his record on everything from the virus that's killed nearly 200 thousand Americans to racial injustice that's led millions to mobilize across the United States.

One notable exchange came when Professor Ellesia Blaque pressed Trump regarding his stance on preexisting condition protections in the healthcare sector.

Watch the exchange below.

Blaque described a medical condition that spread to her brain, noting that while she would've been eligible for disability payments, she went on to earn multiple degrees and a professorship, but still struggles with insurance and fears what would happen if preexisting condition protections in the Affordable Care Act were removed.

Trump assured Blaque that he is a champion of these protections—a claim he often makes, despite actively fighting the ACA and its subsequent protections in court.

The night following the town hall, Blaque appeared on The Reidout with MSNBC's Joy Reid to describe how the exchange with the President made up her mind as to who would get her vote this November.

Watch below.

The professor emphasized that she wasn't just undecided between candidates, but whether or not she'd vote at all:

"My problem was, I didn't know if I was going to vote or not. It was never a question of will I vote for President Trump or Biden. It was a question of, will I vote or not? And he made up my mind."

She then recounted her car ride home from the town hall, in which her driver discussed his excitement for voting in his first election.

It was that excitement that made up Blaque's mind.

"If he's excited to vote, I have to be excited to vote, too...So, I decided, I'm just going to bite the bullet and vote for Biden and pray that — for once in the lifetime of Black Americans, that things will change as they did under the chief court in the '60s and LBJ. Because we need drastic, drastic change, you know, we can't continue to be abused by people in the street, simply because of the color of our skin, where we live, where we're from, how we speak."

Blaque added that Trump's inability to actively listen to her and answer her question.

"I found the first wall to sit down on and broke down and cried in frustration and anger. Because he didn't answer anyone's question, let alone mine, and he ignored us like we had no value."

People applauded Blaque for her words.

People agreed that Trump's indifference toward his constituents reflected further than just one town hall.

The November election is only 47 days away.