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Texas GOP Elector Breaks Rank with Trump

A Republican member of the electoral college from Texas has indicated he will not cast his ballot––one of his state's 38 electoral votes––for President-elect Donald Trump. Christopher Suprun, a Dallas paramedic, previously supported Trump, but now says that Trump's continued attacks on the First Amendment and his numerous financial conflicts of interest have changed his mind. Although Suprun and the state's other Republican electors signed a pledge at a Dallas convention last summer promising to vote for their party's nominee, their signatures are not legally binding, and Texas law does not mandate that electors vote according to the results of the state's presidential election.

"I'm expecting backlash, but that has been par for the course this campaign. People are unhappy. They're angry. But I'm angry, too," said Suprun, who revealed that prior to changing his mind, he received hundreds of emails from concerned citizens urging him not to vote for the president-elect.

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