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CNN Anchor's Response To Ramaswamy's Claim That Trump 'Cares' About 'Unity' Is All Of Us

CNN Anchor John Berman could not believe his ears when Vivek Ramaswamy claimed with a straight face that Donald Trump 'deeply cares about national unity.'

John Berman; Vivek Ramaswamy

CNN anchor John Berman was dumbfounded after listening to pro-Donald Trump politician Vivek Ramaswamy claiming without any hint of irony that the former Republican President "deeply cares about national unity."

The statement prompted Berman to tilt his head as if questioning what he had just heard and eventually asked Ramaswamy if he'd ever seen Trump's social media posts.

Ramaswamy, who suspended his 2024 presidential campaign after failing to defeat Trump for the GOP nomination, was a guest on CNN Wednesday morning to discuss tomorrow's debate.

With the upcoming presidential face-off between Democratic President Joe Biden and Trump, who is the presumptive GOP nominee despite his recent conviction for falsifying business records tied to hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election, Ramaswamy said he expected a stellar performance from the ex-President.

When Berman asked about Ramaswamy's experience on the debate stage and what lessons he learned about aggressive tactics in debating, the former GOP presidential campaigner who once called himself an "unapologetic American nationalist" replied:

"Well, look, one of the things I would say is just be yourself and be true to Americans. I think the people of this country are able to snuff through pre-prepared pre canned talking points."

He continued:

"One of the things I love about President Trump is he’s not a guy who just sticks to a script. He’s a guy who actually speaks his heart and mind."
"But one piece of advice I would give him and I’ve gotten to know President Trump, especially after I’ve left the presidential race, is he is actually somebody who deeply cares about national unity."
"And that does not come across in the media’s normal reporting of him."

Ramaswamy doubled down and raved about how much Trump "does care about reuniting one nation in this country" and that he will successfully convey that message to his supporters. Berman was clearly taken aback by the bizarre claim.

"Have you–have you have you ever looked at Donald Trump’s social media account?" Berman interjected, adding:

"Like on major national holidays where he says, 'Happy Easter to all, even the scum,' you know and filth of the Earth, things like that?"
"That’s a message of unity?"

An awkward pause preceded Ramaswamy's attempt to dismiss Trump's toxic social media activity as a first-term offense, to which Berman countered:

"I’m talking about like three weeks ago! I’m talking about like I’m talking about three weeks ago!"
"Do you think his social media account is unifying?"

The internet was right there with Berman.

Users shared their thoughts on Trump and his delusional rhetoric.

You can watch the entire segment here.

Vivek Ramaswamy & CNN's John Berman Debate Trump's Rhetoric Before Presidential Debate With Bidenyoutu.be

Ramaswamy recognized that social media wasn't set up to be unifying, regardless of which political party certain posts originate from, which was a point he said was counterintuitive.

To which Berman asserted:

"It’s counterintuitive because they don’t see a message of unity!"

And, scene.