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Fox News Hosts Pressed Trump Advisor Over 'Second Wave' of the Virus and Things Quickly Got Awkward
Fox News

In February of this year, White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow assured that the virus that's since upended daily life in the United States was contained.

Now, with several states reopening their businesses, cases of the virus are beginning to spike again.

Fox News anchors presented Kudlow with this information on Monday, days after he insisted that these spikes didn't represent a second wave that could potentially mandate the shutter of certain businesses yet again.

Watch below.

Fox News grills Larry Kudlow over COVID-19 'second wave'www.youtube.com

After being presented with record new cases and hospitalizations in Texas and record single day cases in Florida, Fox News host Sandra Smith asked Kudlow about his concerns regarding a second wave of the virus.

Kudlow responded:

"I understand the growing concerns and we're going to have these concerns for a while, but I've been in touch with our health experts...these are relatively small bumps. They're there, I'm not denying it...Please don't forget though, we are testing at 100 times the rate we were a couple of months back in March. So you're bound to uncover a lot more cases."

Kudlow insisted that the fatality rates remained low, then continued:

"I do not want to downplay or argue against the fact that it's happening, but I think it's something we have to get used to."

After Kudlow again said he doesn't think it signifies a second wave and that he doesn't want to see the economy shuttered again, Fox host Ed Henry asked:

"God forbid the health experts go to the president and say, 'Look, we're fearful this is going the wrong way and there could be tens of thousands of more people dying,' You're saying the president still will not shut down the economy?"

Kudlow responded:

"The president is absolutely disinclined to shut down the economy."

People weren't satisfied with Kudlow's statement, especially his stance that we would have to "get used to" the disease's fatalities.

They also pointed out that Kudlow's expertise is in economics, not in medicine or epedemiology.

Concerning, to say the least.