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Lawsuit Claims Trump Helped Concoct Fake Fox News Story About Death of DNC Staffer

Fake news reportedly came right from the White House.

A wealthy supporter of President Donald Trump collaborated with Fox News under the watchful eye of the White House to concoct a story claiming that Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer, was killed in retaliation for leaking information damaging to Hillary Clinton to Wikileaks, a new lawsuit claims. Rich was killed on a Washington street in the middle of the night last year. The crime remains unsolved. Fox News published the story on May 16 only to retract it later, saying the story didn’t meet its “standards.”

Private investigator Rod Wheeler alleges in his lawsuit that President Trump read the Fox story before publication and gave the green light for the network to falsely quote him in an article which supported the story's premise. Jay Wallace, Fox's President of News, says there was no "concrete evidence" Wheeler was misquoted by the reporter, Malia Zimmerman. The network declined to allow Zimmerman to comment.

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