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space debris solutions, China, how do we remove space junk, space debris, space debris removal

STUDY: China Plans to ‘Zap’ Orbiting Space Junk with Lasers

An academic paper from China explains the viability of using lasers to break up ...

earth's rotation, earth's slowing rotation, earthquakes, earthquake clusters, what causes earthquakes

STUDY: Slowing Earth’s Rotation May Mean More Powerful Earthquakes in 2018

Two geophysicists found a correlation between a slowing in the Earth’s rotation and an ...

B.O.B., flat earth

Astronauts Discredit Rapper B.o.B.’s Flat-Earth Conspiracy Theory

Astronauts and science circle the Earth to convince celebrity rapper that the Earth is ...


Fossil Discovery Shatters Record for Oldest Evidence of Life

4.3 billion year old fossil discovered in Canada, making it the oldest fossil yet ...

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