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Former Republican Alabama judge Roy Moore, whose 2017 US Senate bid ended in defeat against Democrat Doug Jones, is teasing a possible 2020 rematch, The Hill reported on Tuesday.

According to Bradley Byrne, who announced his own bid for the GOP Senate nomination in February, Moore intends on announcing his candidacy next month.

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Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) got into a Twitter spat with President Donald Trump Tuesday night after the president claimed Flake had his Senate endorsement rejected.

Trump tweeted that Flake, who is not seeking reelection and has been an outspoken critic of the president, had endorsed Martha McSally, the Arizona Republican Congresswoman running to replace him, and that McSally had rejected his endorsement.

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Alabama Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore. (Photo JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Roy Moore's Alabama senate campaign launched a last-minute court battle Wednesday trying to block his loss in Alabama's special Senate election from becoming official.

Democrat Doug Jones defeated Moore by about 20,000 votes. Moore, the Republican former justice of the state Supreme Court received President Donald Trump and Steve Bannon's endorsement. The election on December 12 filled the Senate seat of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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Roy Moore, in the latest video from his campaign, refuses to concede the Alabama Senate Race to Doug Jones, his Democrat opponent. (Screenshot via Youtube)

Roy Moore has issued a new statement refusing to concede the Alabama special Senate election until completion of the final count. In a video address posted online, Moore explained that the race between him and Doug Jones, his Democrat opponent, remained close, and cited the importance of counting all military and provisional votes.

But the video he released isn't your typical post-election statement: Moore uses his four-minute address to admonish all he considers immoral, including abortion, same-sex marriage, sodomy, and the expanding secularism in American society.

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Supporters of Alabama Democrat Doug Jones celebrate his victory over Judge Roy Moore. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Democrat Doug Jones pulled a surprise win for the Alabama U.S. Senate seat against Trump-endorsed, neo-Nazi-endorsed Republican candidate Roy Moore, who's been accused of sexual misconduct and said America was last "great" when slavery was legal. The same Roy Moore who stated in 2011 that getting rid of constitutional amendments after the 10th Amendment would ‘eliminate many problems’ in the U.S. government, and who was fired as chief justice, twice, for refusing to uphold the Constitution when he denied a federal order to permit same-sex marriage licenses in the state of Alabama.

And yet, Moore almost won the Senate seat left vacant by Jeff Sessions when the latter was appointed to Attorney General by President Donald Trump.

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In a surprising upset, Alabama went Democratic tonight. The vote in Alabama today was for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, who now serves as the U.S. attorney general under Donald Trump. Prior to the polls closing at 8 p.m., Roy Moore was expected to triumph in rural, mostly white parts of the state. Doug Jones went after urban and black counties, including Birmingham and Montgomery.

The race was closely watched nationwide, as a Democrat hasn't won in Alabama since the 1980s with Howell Heflin and Richard Shelby. Shelby eventually flipped and became a Republican in 1992. The race was also viewed as a gauge of the Republican party's standing, as Moore's campaign had been mired in allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls. On November 9, 2017, The Washington Post reported the account of a woman, Leigh Corfman, who claimed that Moore approached her at age 14 in Etowah County, Alabama, while she was sitting on a bench with her mother in 1979. During the exchange with her mother, Corfman said Moore offered to watch the young Corfman while she went into the courthouse for a child custody hearing. While Moore waited with her, he allegedly got her phone number. Days later, she claimed, Moore picked her up and molested her.

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Roy Moore and Doug Jones. (Getty)

UPDATE [10:26pm EST] The AP has called the election for Doug Jones

UPDATE [10:18pm EST] 89% reporting (1,965 of 2,220 precincts) Doug leads Roy Moore 49.6% to 48.8%. The New York Times estimates that Doug Jones has a 95+% chance of winning.

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