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Dem Rep. Calls Out Trump's 'Cesspool Of Corruption' In Brutal Takedown Of House GOP

Rep. Ted Lieu had FBI Director Christopher Wray confirm it was Trump's own Attorneys General who prosecuted Trump's corrupt

Ted Lieu; Donald Trump
@atrupar/Twitter; Mario Tama/Getty Images

Democratic California Representative Ted Lieu gave GOP lawmakers a major reality check after they carped on the Justice Department for perpetually targeting former Republican President Donald Trump.

Lieu, who has been Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus since 2023, spoke up during a Judiciary Committee after GOP lawmakers accused FBI Director Christopher Wray of being politically biased.

In response to a heated exchange with Republican Wyoming Representative Harriet Hageman, Wray pointed out his longstanding registration as a Republican who was appointed to his position by Trump.

Said Wray:

“The idea that I’m biased against conservatives seems somewhat insane to me, given my own personal background."

Lieu supported Wray's defense and named six former Trump associates who have pleaded guilty or have been convicted of various crimes while the DOJ was run by GOP leadership.

The criminals Lieu referenced included Trump advisor Roger Stone, and donor Elliott Broidy, both of whom were convicted in federal court under Trump-appointed Attorney General Bill Barr.

Lieu also mentioned Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen who was convicted on two separate occasions in federal court–the second of which he was convicted under Trump-appointed Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

Lieu then reminded the floor that Wray was the FBI Director during those cases and was also appointed by the former President.

Lieu continued:

“What these facts show is we don’t have a two-tiered system of justice."
"We have one Department of Justice that goes after criminals regardless of party ideology."

You can view a clip here.

Lieu added:

“It is not the fault of the FBI that Donald Trump surrounded himself with criminals. Donald Trump brought that upon himself."
"Thank you to the FBI for exposing the cesspool of corruption of these Trump associates.”

And Twitter gave him a standing ovation.

The truth will always prevail–especially when it's this kind of Ted Talk.