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Dubai 10x initiative, Dubai 10x program, Dubai, dubai dna test

Dubai 10X Initiative: Dubai’s Plan to Collect DNA From Every One of Its Inhabitants

Governments are collecting DNA information about their citizens—sometimes without permission.

ancient beringians, beringian land bridge, native american dna origins, native american dna ancestry, native american common ancestor

What Are ‘Ancient Beringians’? Oldest Full Genetic Profile of a New World Human Ever Found

DNA from a long-buried child’s bones supports the theory that Native Americans may share ...

ZFN, ZFN gene editing, gene editing inside the body, brian madeux, CRISPR, gene editing, gene editing hunter syndrome, dna alteration

Brian Madeux: Who Was the First Person to Undergo In-Body DNA Alteration?

Brian Madeux recently became the first individual ever to receive in-body gene editing, in ...