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'Dilbert' Creator Mocked for Tweeting 'You'll Be Dead Within the Year' If Biden Is Elected, and Now He's Doubling Down
Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images // Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The creator of the popular office comic strip Dilbert may have perfected capturing the daily boredom of the workplace, but his latest musings on Twitter are anything but mundane.

Days after claiming he lost his TV show because he was White, Scott Adams painted an apocalyptic portrait of what would happen if President Donald Trump loses to Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

The prediction was quite dramatic.

Even when Twitter users mocked him for claiming that Republicans will be hunted, Adams reiterated that he was serious.

Adams has a history of bizarre antics on social media.

After the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, he urged survivors to download his app, highlighting that they could "set their price" to make calls.

In the first year of Donald Trump's first term, Adams justified his presidency by boasting that Trump reduced immigration to a level that his supporters no longer wanted to "round up" immigrants:

"So this 'monster' that we elected, this 'Hitler-dictator-crazy-guy,' he managed to be the only guy who could have, and I would argue always intended, to move the far right toward the middle. You saw it, you know, we can observe it with our own eyes. We don't see the right saying, 'Oh no, I hate President Trump. He's got to round up those undocumented people like he said early in the campaign, or else I'm bailing on him.' None of that happened. He paced them, and then he led them toward a reasonable situation, which I would say we're in."

People were quick to mock his bizarre claim that Republicans would be hunted in a Joe Biden presidency.

Perhaps even more chillingly, others believed him.

In 2016, Adams said he endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for his own safety.