Getty Images/CNBC

Video footage of a CNBC panel discussing banking and a certain 2020 presidential candidate made waves on social media.

When it comes to average voters, a big bank CEO's opposition to a candidate is often more beneficial than the CEO's endorsement.

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National Archives; @RadioFreeTom/Twitter

Conservative historian Tom Nichols decided there are worse things than a progressive Democrat in the White House: President Donald Trump.

In an OP-ed piece for USA Today, Nichols spelled out his view in explicit detail.

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Chandelle Summer on MSNBC (CNN Politics Networks/YouTube)

On Sunday as MSNBC contributors commented on South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg's announcement of his official entry into the 2020 presidential campaign, each commentator expressed a different view. Some felt Buttigieg was too young while others thought his age was a positive compared to other candidates.

But one guest, conservative radio host Chandelle Summer had a unique take on Buttigieg's candidacy. She thought the diversity that Buttigieg brings to the presidential race would be a benefit to President Donald Trump's chance for reelection.

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