Possible Link Between Diet Sodas and Stroke or Dementia

[DIGEST: CNN, American Heart Association, Framingham Heart Study, NBC, Washington Post, Newsheart, Stroke Association, USAToday, CBS] According to new research, a possible connection exists between soft drinks with artificial sweeteners and the risk of stroke or dementia. This latest discovery relies upon an underlying long-term study of people’s beverage habits during the target age-ranges for … Continued

This Discovery Could Halt the Progression of Diseases Like Alzheimer’s

New research shows trazadone and DBM, an antidepressant and a drug currently involved in cancer trials, may halt the progression or even help improve symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases. The drugs help by stopping a natural self-defense mechanism when faulty proteins enter a cell and produce their own proteins; the protective response–ceasing production of regular proteins, actually causes the symptomology of the neurodegenerative diseases.



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