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STUDY: Targeted Electric Shocks Improve Memory in Alzheimer’s Patients

Researchers successfully test memory boosting brain implant on humans, improving short-term and working memory. ...


We Thought We Understood How Memories Work; We Might Be Wrong

New research overturns 50 years of thinking that the hippocampus is the primary site ...


Possible Link Between Diet Sodas and Stroke or Dementia

[DIGEST: CNN, American Heart Association, Framingham Heart Study, NBC, Washington Post, Newsheart, Stroke Association, ...


This Discovery Could Halt the Progression of Diseases Like Alzheimer’s

New research shows trazadone and DBM, an antidepressant and a drug currently involved in ...


The Japanese Have Started Putting QR Codes on Fingernails

A company in Japan has developed decals embedded with QR codes to be placed ...


More Possible Bad News for Nexium Users

Popular heartburn meds may cause serious health problems

Eighty Years Old with ADHD? Frequently, Yes.

The incidence of ADHD in the elderly is higher than previously thought, and woefully ...