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Pro-Trump Influencer Claims Iowa Caucuses Are Being 'Rigged' Using 'Weather Manipulation'—And Hoo Boy

Laura Loomer raised eyebrows with a bonkers conspiracy claiming the 'deep state' is in cahoots with Nikki Haley are manipulating the weather using HAARP 'weather manipulation' technology.

Laura Loomer; Donald Trump
John Lamparski/Getty Images; Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Far-right conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer raised eyebrows for sharing a bonkers conspiracy claiming the "deep state" is in cahoots with former South Carolina Governor and 2024 GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley to "rig" the upcoming Iowa caucuses using High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) "weather manipulation" technology.

HAARP is a research initiative based at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, focusing on the ionosphere, the uppermost ionized layer of Earth's atmosphere. HAARP research contributes to the examination of the physical phenomena taking place in the region but has nonetheless been a target for conspiracy theorists who've blamed it for everything from floods and earthquakes to chronic fatigue syndrome.

But Loomer, a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, floated the idea that the Deep State was activating HAARP to disrupt Monday's Iowa caucuses, suggesting that Haley's connections in the defense industry and military complex might play a role.

Writing on X, formerly Twitter, Loomer shared weather radar data to claim that a snowstorm was engineered to disrupt the Caucus:

"We all know [Nikki Haley] has a lot of friends in the defense industry and Military industrial complex. She’s losing in Iowa, and now Iowa is set to get hit with a ONCE IN A DECADE blizzard as Donald Trump is set to dominate the Iowa Caucus."
"Is the Deep State using HAARP to rig the Iowa Caucus? Looks like weather manipulation to me. Take a look at this weather radar below and how the incoming snow storm accelerated out of nowhere."

You can see her post below.

Loomer's fans ate it all up.

Loomer's post attracted the attention of former Illinois Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger, who was ostracized by his own party and later voted out of office for condemning Trump's actions during the Capitol riot.

Kinzinger warned his followers that like it or not, even conspiracy theorists like Loomer and her followers can and will vote in this year's elections:

"I would encourage you to see the comments and realize these people vote. So no matter how looney they are, we have to vote too. I can’t even believe how much the victim whiney insane weak brain worms have infected people."

You can see his post below.

Many have joined Kinzinger in criticizing Loomer's absurd conspiracy.

Loomer has gained prominence in recent years, becoming one of the more well-known conspiracy theorists on the far right.

In 2022, Loomer lost a Florida Republican primary challenge against House incumbent Dan Webster but nonetheless refused to concede and instead demanded Webster resign.

In a speech to her supporters, Loomer declared herself a "winner" and alleged she was the victim of election fraud, employing language Trump continually used to attack the democratic process since losing the 2020 presidential election and inciting the January 6 insurrection.

Loomer has worked as an activist and writer for several organizations, including Project Veritas, a right-wing group known for producing secretly recorded and deceptively edited undercover audio and video investigations of media organizations and left-leaning groups.

Loomer has also been banned from numerous social media platforms, payment processors, vehicles for hire, and food delivery mobile apps for various reasons, including violating policies on hate speech and spreading misinformation.