Spain suffers a heat wave with temperatures around 40 degrees. To beat the summer heat, people on 6 August 2018, in Madrid, Spain, go to "Madrid Río", a green oasis park in city's concrete jungle. (Photo by Alvaro Hurtado/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

If you imagined that the summer of 2018 was killing you, chances are, you weren’t alone. Science indicates that humidity, one of the defining hallmarks of an overbearing summer heat wave, actually does have the potential to kill you. The summer of 2018 was exceptionally deadly, as it was the 4th hottest summer on record.

In August of this year, 17 states in the eastern US were under heat advisory warnings. In addition to the already high temperatures, the combination of heat and humidity easily makes temperatures feel like they are well in the 100s. This is hot enough to be a legitimate health concern for many people.

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President Donald Trump speaks to reporters in the Oval Office about the lessons learned from Puerto Rico. (CNN/YouTube)

When asked to assess the presidency of George W. Bush, most cite his response to Hurricane Katrina as a low point. Bush himself admitted he regrets some of the decisions made.

When assessing the presidency of Donald Trump, most cite his own errors in regard to Hurricane Maria and the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. Scandals and missteps plagued the Trump administration in the wake of the deadly storm.

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