Cuba Alleges ‘Crickets & Cicadas’ Caused Brain Damage in Havana-Based US Diplomats

For months, United States diplomats in Cuba have suffered an ongoing range of symptoms from a mysterious source, straining relations between the two governments. The latest diagnosis includes abnormalities to some of the diplomats’ white brain matter, which affects cognitive function, sensory and motor skills. However, this discovery only further divides scientists on the issue … Continued

Don’t Lecture Us: Cuba Blasts Trump Back on U.S. Human Rights Record

The Cuban government slammed President Donald Trump for his “hostile rhetoric” after he announced that his administration would reverse the Obama administration’s efforts to normalize U.S.-Cuba relations. Cuba further accused the Trump administration of “hardening” the economic embargo based on the minority view of Cuban-Americans. “The US President, ill-advised once again, takes decisions that favor … Continued

Trump’s Yuuge Cuba Problem: He Broke Federal Law, Then Lied To Cuban Supporters About It

An investigative report published in Newsweek reveals that Donald Trump illegally conducted business in communist Cuba in a direct violation of a decades-long American embargo. The report suggests that the Republican presidential nominee knowingly circumvented the law. The goal of the trip, a former Trump executive says, was to give Trump’s company a “foothold” should … Continued

A Not So Simple Plan: As the House Divides, Guantanamo Survives

Detainees force-fed protein drinks to stave off malnutrition. Prisoners marched into holding cells, eyes covered by black-out goggles, fearing execution. Men hogtied in cages, beaten without warning, left alone without food or water. These are but a fraction of the abuses alleged to have taken place within the detainment center at Guantanamo Bay. Even so, … Continued

The Top News Stories of 2015

The news in 2015 was unforgettable, historic, often chilling to watch. From the specter of global terrorism to controversial social issues, from the confused state of politics to corporate corruption, important issues played out on the public stage of opinion, augmented by a hyper-connected global community. The Second Nexus editors culled through the news that made … Continued



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