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Alek Minassian’s Family: Everything We Know

On Monday, ten people were killed and 15 were injured after a man named ...

Lunsford Conaway

Lunsford Conaway, Mother Convicted of Murdering 3-Year-Old Daughter: What We Know

In 2011, Lunsford Conaway reported her 3-year-old daughter, Aliayah, missing. On Monday, she was ...

Lois Reiss, Lois Reiss County's Office

Lois Reiss, Grandmother Accused of Murder on the Run: What We Know

Lois Reiss, a grandmother and mother of three, is accused of murder in two ...

Katie Pladl Steve Pladl

Katie & Steven Pladl, Man Kills Himself After Killing Wife & Baby: What We Know

Steven Pladl, 43, killed his wife, baby, and his wife’s adoptive father before taking ...

Hart Family, Hart Family Crash

The Hart Family: Everything We Know

Details are still unraveling in the mysterious case of the Hart family, whose wrecked ...

Bruce Rowley, Taylor Swift Fan, taylor swift fan robs bank

Bruce Rowley, Man Robs Bank to Win over T-Swift: What We Know

Last week, Bruce Rowley was arrested for robbing a bank and throwing a portion ...

Hanane Mouhib. Hanane Mouhib son decapiteted

Hanane Mouhib, Mother Decapitates Son with Kitchen Knife: What We Know

Police in western New York say a 36-year-old mother, Hannah Mouhib, used a “large-bladed ...

Kaitlyn Bildilli Facebook page

Kaitlyn Bildilli: Arizona Woman Accused of Having Sex With Teenager

A woman who was employed by the Scottsdale Unified School District in Arizona as ...

Dustin Hamilton, Dustin Hamilton search .

Dustin Hamilton Steals Guns & Threatens San Francisco Police: What We Know

Police are actively searching for a man named Dustin Hamilton, who stole guns from ...