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Jim Cramer Just Called Speaker Pelosi 'Crazy Nancy' to Her Face on Air and Tried to Blame Trump for It

CNBC's Mad Money host Jim Cramer is facing backlash after referring to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi with one of President Donald Trump's favorite insults.

During a live interview Tuesday morning, Cramer called the California Democrat "crazy Nancy."

You can see the clip here:

Cramer quickly blamed his comment on President Donald Trump.

The two were discussing a comment Pelosi had made, about being optimistic of the chances for making a deal with the White House and the GOP for further pandemic relief.

Cramer said:

"Really? I mean, I thought I'd take it right off the table right this very minute."
"You've got [White House Chief of Staff] Mark Meadow [sic] going and saying he was the skunk at the party. He didn't really—you know, he's gotten in the way between you and, I think, Secretary Mnuchin."
"I mean, what deal can we have, Crazy Nancy?"

The CNBC host immediately added:

"I'm sorry, I—that was the President."
"I have such reverence for the office, I would never use that term."

Speaker Pelosi replied:

"But you just did."

Pelosi laughed then repeated:

"But you just did."

People on social media weren't quite so willing to cut Cramer any slack for repeating one of Trump's insults.

Cramer took to his own social media to plead his case.

He again invoked the POTUS as his defense.

The Time's Up organization stated regardless of Cramer's reasons, journalists should not amplify labels that demean women.

CNBC has not yet made a statement regarding what, if any, action will be taken regarding Cramer's comment.