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Roger Stone Complains He Was 'Censored' by Trump's New 'Free Speech' App
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump's conservative social media platform—ironically titled TRUTH Social—has had a rough rollout. The site has seen abysmal records of new signups, still outpaced by competing conservative social media platforms like GETTR and Parler.

It's even facing backlash from some of Trump's most devout allies, such as convicted felon and right-wing provocateur Roger Stone.

Like most other right-wing social media platforms, TRUTH Social boasts minimal moderation and emphasizes its value of so-called "free speech," presenting it as an alternative to supposedly liberal outlets like Twitter, which conservatives claim seek to silence their voices.

But Stone, whose sentence Trump commuted shortly before leaving office in 2021, now says the former President's social media platform is censoring him, according to a new report from The Daily Beast.

Stone recently published a TRUTH Social post featuring a Trump 2000 campaign button and a quote about "radical Islam" that implied Trump predicted the September 11 Attacks.

This prompted the site's artificial content monitors to put a "sensitive content" warning over the picture before it could be revealed.

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Stone wrote:

"Why would this be censored content on TruthSocial?"

But accusations of censorship aren't limited to Truth Social. A number of conservative social media outlets emphasizing the free speech of its users, only to frustrate them with basic moderation. Pro-Trump writer Jon Miller, a Black man, publicly disavowed GETTR for not letting him use the N-word in his profile. Stone also accused GETTR of censorship after he was banned from the site, though founder and former Trump spokesperson Jason Miller insisted the ban was accidental.

Stone's latest lamentation has the internet amused.

They were particularly unsympathetic to Stone.