STUDY: Earth’s Wilderness Could Disappear Within 50 Years at Current Depletion Rate

A sobering new study maps wilderness loss since 1992 and projects all remaining wilderness could vanish completely within 50 years if officials fail to protect these areas.

Details of the Secret Senate Health Care Bill Have Leaked

After keeping the Senate healthcare bill secret even from Republican Senators in the so-called health care working group, Senator Mitch McConnell promised to release a discussion draft of the bill Thursday morning ahead of a potential vote next week. But by Wednesday evening details of the bill had leaked. According to The Washington Post, much like the American … Continued

The Great Park of China: A Plan to Save the Last 27 Siberian Tigers

[DIGEST: IFLS, BBC, Yale, Washington Post] Even as China enjoys the wealth and advancements rapid industrialization has brought to its country, it is beginning to grapple with dire costs to its environment, including some of the world’s most polluted air and waters; plummeting fisheries; and disappearing wild places. When previously wild places are logged, farmed, divided … Continued

These Aren’t Lions. They’re Lionesses.

Maned lionesses in Africa exhibit traditional male behaviors. Scientists aren’t sure why.



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