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wilderness degradation, how is nature destroyed by humans, destruction of earth by humans, how much wilderness is left in the world, wilderness depletion

STUDY: Earth’s Wilderness Could Disappear Within 50 Years at Current Depletion Rate

A sobering new study maps wilderness loss since 1992 and projects all remaining wilderness ...

Leaked Memo Reveals Trump Administration’s National Monument Hit List

Untamed wilderness, archaeological relics thousands of years old, and undersea landscapes of corals, anemones ...

Details of the Secret Senate Health Care Bill Have Leaked

After keeping the Senate healthcare bill secret even from Republican Senators in the so-called health ...


These Shy “Pandas of the Sea” May All Be Dead by Next Year

Without serious conservation efforts the survival of the 30 or so vaquita porpoises left ...

Siberian Tigers

The Great Park of China: A Plan to Save the Last 27 Siberian Tigers

[DIGEST: IFLS, BBC, Yale, Washington Post] Even as China enjoys the wealth and advancements rapid ...


This Bumblebee is Now Endangered in America

The rusty patched bumblebee may be on the brink of extinction.


These Aren’t Lions. They’re Lionesses.

Maned lionesses in Africa exhibit traditional male behaviors. Scientists aren’t sure why.


Obama Just Named this Symbol of the Prairies Our National Mammal

The American Bison finally gets its due as President Obama signs into law that ...

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