The second round of Democratic presidential debates occurred Tuesday night. During the course of the evening—where moderators and candidates were admonished for using Republican talking points—Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg issued a message to the GOP members of Congress.

Looking into the camera, the South Bend mayor said for any Republican congressional member watching:

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If you missed the first Democratic Presidential Debate, here are the evening’s highlights:

CNN opened the debate with a video message from President Barack Obama in which the President urged Democrats to come together and get out to vote; he also listed some of his administration’s greatest accomplishments, as a few images of Vice President Joe Biden briefly appeared on screen. The choice to acknowledge “the candidate who wasn’t there” might have been a nod to Democrats who had hoped the Vice President might participate in the debate; the move also, however, could end up adding fuel to the “will he or won’t he” speculation. Ultimately, Vice President Biden only has a few more weeks to make his decision as November filing deadlines are swiftly approaching.

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via Flickr user Michael Vadon

Just a little over a month ago, Carly Fiorina was polling so poorly that she didn’t make the cut to appear at Fox News’ mainstage Republican Presidential debate; instead, Fiorina appeared at Fox’s ‘kid’s table’ event alongside several second-string Presidential hopefuls, including Lindsey Graham and George Pataki.

Today, Fiorina is on fire. She emerged as the clear winner of the CNN debate on September 17th, and Republican support for Fiorina immediately shot from 3% to 15%. That put her in second place, a point ahead of Ben Carson and only nine points behind Donald Trump. [EDITOR'S NOTE: According to a poll conducted by Fox News from September 20-22, Fiorina has slipped slightly and is now at 9%, 9 points behind Ben Carson at 18%.]

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