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How Trump’s EPA Chief Is Waging Open War On Science

Former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt was charged with turning the EPA into a ...


Melting Glaciers Reveal Missing People and a Whole Lot More

Human bodies, prehistoric animals, lost treasure, and dormant, deadly diseases are about to be ...


China Builds “Forest City” to Combat Pollution

China is politically and practically cooperating with the EU to develop new models for ...


Stephen Hawking Issues Dire Prediction for What Trump Will Do To Earth

Stephen Hawking isn’t a fan of President Trump’s decision to pull out of the ...

Climate Change

States Defy White House on Climate Change

States commit to fight climate change after White House pulls out of Paris Agreement


The U.S. Brain Drain Could Begin With Scientists

France rolls out the welcome mat for U.S. scientists and others who are disenfranchised ...


An Island in the Pacific Is Covered in 38 Million Pieces of Plastic Waste

Ocean plastic pollution is the new climate change. Trillions of pieces of plastic garbage ...


France’s Macron Excoriates Trump: “Make Our Planet Great Again.”

French President Emmanuel Macron excoriated President Donald Trump for withdrawing from the Paris Accord yesterday. ...

It Turns Out Trump Can’t Just Pull the U.S. Out of the Paris Accord Today

On Thursday, Donald Trump announced his intention to pull the United States out of ...