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clean energy

New Study Finds Wealthiest Nations Can Transition To 100% Clean Energy By 2050

Advances in renewable energy technology create several shortcuts in the race to a zero-carbon ...


Climate Scientists Flocking to France for Funding and Support

American climate scientists can’t resist the opportunity to work in a country that values ...

Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Harvey, Texas, Florida, Hurricane Irma

After The Storms: The Long-Term Effects of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria

Aside from property and infrastructure damage, this season’s hurricanes are leaving long-lasting environmental and ...

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Issues Strong Rebuke To Trump

While en route from Colombia to Rome, Pope Francis shared with journalists a passage ...

hurricane irma landfall map,

Hurricane Irma Strengthens, Florida and Caribbean Brace For Impact

Hurricane Irma made landfall early this morning in the Caribbean on the small island ...


France’s Plan To Combat Lyme Disease Puts The U.S. To Shame

France is battling Lyme disease with a comprehensive prevention-education-treatment strategy. The U.S. has ten ...


A College Student Has Discovered a Huge Range of Volcanoes Under Antarctica

An undergraduate student’s curiosity led to the discovery of what could be the largest ...