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how much co2 does the amazon rainforest absorb, what does adding co2 to the atmosphere do to the planet's climate?, tropical forests release carbon, rainforests release more carbon, how much oxygen do rainforests produce,

STUDY: Tropical Forests Are Now Releasing More Carbon Than Oxygen Into the Atmosphere

Tropical rainforests are emitting more carbon than they take in due to deforestation and ...


138 Dormant Volcanoes Have Been Discovered Beneath Antarctica

The discovery of a massive magma plume and 138 volcanoes under the frozen continent ...

ozone layer depletion, ozone layer recovery, Antarctica, ozone layer, ozone layer NASA,

Why Is the Ozone Hole Over Antarctica Shrinking?

The ozone layer is smaller than it has been in 30 years. This is ...

corporate carbon policy footprint, climate change influencers, these companies are most influential in climate policy debates, biggest polluters by industry, who is the top polluter in america

REPORT: ‘Corporate Carbon Policy Footprint’ Scores Show Polluters Still Hold Most Influence

Heavy polluters still have overwhelming influence in government climate change policy, but new companies ...