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Our Fossil Fuel Growth Might End by 2020. Here’s How.

While the U.S. renews its focus on petroleum, the electric car revolution is coming ...


Yes, Climate Change is Behind This Weird Weather

Climate is changing is making our weather severe and unpredictable.


Iceberg the Size of Delaware Poised to Break Off

An iceberg the size of Delaware is poised to break off from Antarctica, likely ...


Carbon Into Cookies? Indian Firm Achieves Carbon Capture Breakthrough

An Indian chemical plant is converting CO2 into baking soda, without government subsidies.


Donald Trump vs Planet Earth

Climate change is coming harder and faster than scientists expected, and the physics is ...


California’s Governor Just Launched a Warning Shot to Trump in Fiery Address

California Governor Jerry Brown rallied a group of scientists yesterday, striking a defiant tone ...


Mike Pence, The Unapologetic Anti-Scientist

Vice President-elect Mike Pence won’t be a friend to the scientific community nor to ...


Scientists Accidentally Turn Air Pollution into Usable Fuel

Nanotechnology scientists accidentally discover a potential solution to the renewable-energy puzzle.


Patagonia Pledged To Donate All Black Friday Sales. It Didn’t Expect the Response.

Patagonia, the high-end outdoor apparel and gear retailer, generated a “record-breaking” $10 million in Black ...