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Air pollution

Trump Set To Undo Cornerstone Obama Environmental Plan

Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, announced that President Donald Trump will ...


Stephen Hawking is Going into Space

In an interview with ITV’s Good Morning Britain, renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking revealed ...


A Species Apocalypse Is Coming—Can We Stop It?

Half of all species face extinction by 2100, according to leading scientists.


This is What the EPA Gag Order Really Means

The Trump administration has made clear moves to inhibit the effectiveness of the Environmental ...


Our Fossil Fuel Growth Might End by 2020. Here’s How.

While the U.S. renews its focus on petroleum, the electric car revolution is coming ...


Yes, Climate Change is Behind This Weird Weather

Climate is changing is making our weather severe and unpredictable.


Iceberg the Size of Delaware Poised to Break Off

An iceberg the size of Delaware is poised to break off from Antarctica, likely ...


Carbon Into Cookies? Indian Firm Achieves Carbon Capture Breakthrough

An Indian chemical plant is converting CO2 into baking soda, without government subsidies.


Donald Trump vs Planet Earth

Climate change is coming harder and faster than scientists expected, and the physics is ...