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Hurricane Dorian may have dissipated by now, but millions of people are still feeling the effects of its aftermath, especially people of the Bahamas, where Dorian killed 50 and left rampant destruction in its wake. Thousands still remain missing.

Bahamian refugees fleeing the destruction were forced to exit a boat heading to the United States this past weekend, after a sudden rule change demanded that they have visas in order to travel to the U.S. Because people of the Bahamas are our neighbors, an I.D. and a copy of their police record has been sufficient documentation for years.

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Axios recently reported that President Donald Trump floated the idea of dropping nuclear weapons into the eyes of U.S.-bound hurricanes in order to destabilize them before hitting land. Not only would this be insufficient energy to change a hurricane's path, but the wind could blow radiation towards coastlines, even further jeopardizing people and environments.

In a tweet, Trump insisted that reports of him wanting to nuke hurricanes was "more FAKE NEWS!"

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CHILE - APRIL 1: Moai, megalithic anthropomorphic statues, Anakena, Rapa-Nui National Park (UNESCO World Heritage List, 1995), Easter Island, Chile. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Easter Island is famous for its iconic stone heads. These statues, known as Moai, are a mystery of human ingenuity. Standing an average of 13 feet high and weighing 14 tons each, nearly 1,000 statues are positioned around the island, which is governed by Chile. Archeologists have long debated what the statues mean and how on earth a relatively small population could manage this engineering feat in the years following the arrival of the Polynesian people in 800 A.D.

"It is amazing that an island society made of 10 to 12 chiefdoms had sufficient unity and ability to communicate carving standards, organize carving methods and achieve political rights of way … to transport statues to every part of the island," said archaeologist Jo Anne Van Tilburg, founder of UCLA's Easter Island Statue Project. 

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[DIGEST: The Guardian, NASA, CNN]

In January 2006, the New Horizons mission launched toward Pluto. In August 2006, the International Astronomical Union reclassified Pluto; it is no longer considered a planet. Regardless of Pluto’s category, the New Horizons spacecraft persevered, flying past Pluto in July 2015. Since then, scientists have been analyzing a trickle of tantalizing data as it is (relatively) slowly downlinked from the spacecraft.

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On December 30, temperatures in the North Pole reached 50 degrees above average. In regions of the Arctic Circle that are usually around 20 degrees below zero at this time of year, sea buoys indicated temperatures slightly below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit). Northern Atlantic countries such as Iceland and Norway are experiencing a winter warming phenomenon as a result, which has meteorologists puzzling over possible causes.

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