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GOP Rep. Instantly Fact-Checked After Wild Claim About Where Trump Hid Classified Documents

After Rep. James Comer made a bizarre claim about Donald Trump hiding classified documents in "one location," he got fact-checked by Rep. Jared Moskowitz as well as an X community note.

James Comer; government documents piled on a stage in a Mar-a-Lago ballroom
Fox News; Federal Bureau of Investigation

Kentucky Republican Representative James Comer—who serves as House Oversight Chairman—got called out for his latest false claim with a brutal fact check from Florida Democratic Representative Jared Moskowitz on X.

The X community also added a context note to Comer's false statements from a recent Sean Hannity interview.

Comer went on Fox News for damage control after the House Judiciary Committee's review of Democratic President Joe Biden's handling of documents failed to produce anything actionable.

Pushing the GOP narrative that former Republican President Donald Trump is an innocent victim of a Biden administration Justice Department witch hunt, Comer falsely stated Trump stored the documents he wasn't supposed to have in a single locked room.

Comer told Hannity's Fox viewers:

"You look at how Donald Trump is treated. He had documents in one location behind a locked door."

Anyone who has seen the infamous Mar-a-Lago bathroom photo...

Federal Bureau of Investigation

...from the FBI's August 2023 warranted search of Mar-a-Lago knows this is patently false.

Democratic Representative Moskowitz decided to jog Comer's recollection with a video trip down memory lane.

He captioned his X post:

"I spy with my little eye, more than one"

The X community also tagged the video of Comer's false claim with the sourced context:

"Donald Trump stored classified documents in a storage room, but also in a bathroom, an office, a bedroom and in the ballroom, at The Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, FL."

X community note

Comer—a MAGA faithful—got plenty of public feedback for his latest whataboutism defense of Trump.

Most called out Comer's record of lying for Trump.






The FBI noted documents were found—in addition to a locked storeroom—in the open in the Lake Room, Trump family suite, Pine Hall, White and Gold Ballroom, and Trump’s Mar-a-Lago office.

The classified documents indictment alleges Trump had Top Secret information unsecured on his property, resisted efforts by federal officials to recover it, and ordered subordinates to move boxes around and off the property so authorities wouldn't know they were there.

Brian Butler—a 20-year veteran of Trump's employment—recently corroborated Trump's efforts to conceal documents and deceive federal law enforcement.

The United States House Committee on Oversight and Accountability—which Comer chairs—is responsible for ensuring the "efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the federal government and all its agencies" and providing a "check and balance on the role and power of Washington."

Given Comer's propensity for false or misleading statements to excuse or cover up the indicted activities of a former Republican President, perhaps a committee for oversight and accountability isn't the best fit.