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Chelsea Handler's Clapback At Conservatives Shaming Her For Not Wanting Kids Is Pure Fire

The comedian had a brutal message after triggering the likes of Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro with a comedy video about how fulfilling her life is without children.

Screenshots of Tucker Carlson, Chelsea Hanlder, and Jesse Kelly

Chelsea Handler brutally shut down Fox News host Tucker Carlson and other conservatives who gave misogynistic responses to her skit on The Daily Show that humorously glorified her "day in the life of a childless woman."

The clip about her not wanting kids showed various scenarios of Handler doing "whatever the f'k I feel like."

Examples included Handler saving the world by going back in time to kill Hitler, flying to Paris on a whim to enjoy a croissant at her "fave spot," and going for a quick climb on Mount Everest because she has all the time in the world as a woman without kids.

The parody skit rubbed Carlson and his guest—conservative podcast host Jesse Kelly—the wrong way, and their response was to shame her for it by going on a sexist rant.

Carlson claimed the point of the video was to make viewers "feel good about being an aging, deeply unlikable woman who never had kids."

Kelly proclaimed that "feminists" like Handler have been "lied to by society forever" and that being told that "you can be a girl boss and you can do anything a man can do."

Here is the Fox News clip shared by Kat Abu who works for the left-leaning political watchdog group Media Matters for America.

Handler's response to the right-wing political commentators who griped about her video was on point.

Handler and The Daily Show's social media pages shared a brief montage of these riled conservatives lambasting Handler.

In addition to replaying Carlson and Kelly's grumblings, Handler tacked on a clip of far-right podcaster and failed scriptwriter Ben Shapiro calling her "miserable" and that it was "written all over her face how miserable" she was.

The video cut to Handler who had plenty to comment on the toxic backlash of conservative men being threatened by a woman's confidence.

"Hey everyone, I woke up this morning, well this afternoon," she clarified after taking a puff on her cigarette and referring to her morning schedule excluding taking kids to school.

She said she noticed there was an "emergency meeting of the receding hairline society" to talk smack about her comedy video.

The comedian wondered:

“Why would I even need my own children when I get to hear these crybabies all the time?”

She owned Kelly's insult and turned it into a descriptor highlighting her successful endeavors.

"Look, I don't want to debate whether I'm a 'girl boss' although I did just look at my bank account and think that's pretty 'girl boss.'"
"And then I thought about the 10 different people plus 10 plus different people I've been able to put through college."
"And then I remembered my 6 New York Times best-selling books."

Handler also plugged her recent Netflix standup special Revolution as another example of her list of achievements.

The comedian noted how conservatives were so "triggered" by her accomplishments as a woman.

She then asked Carlson to do a deep dive into why he has such a personal gripe with her.

“Are you really upset about how much freedom I have―or are you upset that you haven’t been able to take it away from me yet?”

She gave a shout-out to Shapiro and thanked him for being the "cause of not having children."

"Who needs the birth control pill when your voice is 100% effective."
"I don't need a husband Ben because I'm in a relationship with myself and at least in my relationship, someone can get a woman to cum."

Before her epic mic-drop, Handler had one last remark for Carlson.

She promised to keep creating videos as long as he wants if he insists on responding to being triggered by her.

“I think we both know that you are hate-masturbating to me, and I’m down with that."

Twitter applauded her fierce clapback and slammed conservatives for stigmatizing women without children.

Users also thought they were no match for Handler's sick burn.

Others who found Handler relatable weighed in with their thoughts and experiences.

Chelsea Handler stans were joined by new admirers.

Oh, the irony.

According to Netlix, the 47-year-old comedian "lets loose on her life choices, rowdy rescue dogs, dating frustrations and her vision for a future where men don't wear flip-flops" in Chelsea Handler: Revolution.

The standup special Esquire called "pretty friggin' good" is available for streaming on the platform.

"Finally, the new and improved Chelsea Handler has arrived," touted the magazine of her December 2022 comedy special.

As far as we're concerned, however, she never left us.

Regardless of her location status, it's clear she's taking no prisoners.