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Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images // @Chase/Twitter

In a since-deleted tweet, Chase shared a #MondayMotivation tip that was soon criticized as an attack against lower-income Americans. The tweet, featuring a fictional conversation between a person and their bank account, recommends that those with low account balances follow money-saving tips such as eating the food they already have on hand and not taking taxi cabs.

The tweet soon earned the ire of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who responded by mimicking the original tweet's structure. Warren pointed out that if bank account balances are low, then the $25 billion taxpayer-funded bailouts following the 2008 financial crisis is to blame. She also took employers to task for not paying living wages, and noted that economists have agreed that the high costs of living and "stagnant wages" are the primary reasons why the majority of Americans have little––if any––money saved up.

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