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Fox News Panel Turns Awkward After Pundit Likens Biden's Vaccine Outreach to the Taliban
Fox News

President Joe Biden's administration is ramping up its efforts to get a sufficient amount of Americans vaccinated as stronger variants of the virus that's killed over 600 thousand Americans continue to emerge.

A hindrance to that effort are the countless right-wing congresspeople and media personalities eagerly promoting disinformation regarding the efficacy and safety of the vaccines, as well as mischaracterizing the government's effort to persuade Americans to get it.

Recently, these right-wing figures have likened the government's vaccine push to Nazis, to Jim Crow, and to apartheid.

Now, one Fox News panelist has likened the effort to the Taliban, the ultraconservative insurgents who gave refuge to Osama bin Laden after the September 11 attacks.

Watch below.

Fox News correspondent Charlie Hurt said:

"The problem is when it comes to medical privacy, they've become like the Taliban, which is a real problem."

Hurt went on to falsely claim that young people "don't need" the vaccine.

Fellow commentator Marie Harf pushed back on Hurt's comparison:

"Bringing the Taliban or Nazi Germany like Marjorie Taylor Greene has done into this debate about vaccines, that is just not helpful. ... That language is what's scaring people from getting the vaccine."

Others on social media disagreed with the comparison as well.

Once again, Fox was breaching dangerous territory.

Segments like this have contributed to the major disparity of vaccine reception between Democrats and Republicans.