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Jill Biden Sums Up Trump With One Painfully Accurate Word—And People Are Applauding

During an interview on 'The View,' Dr. Jill Biden summed up the stark choice we have in November between her husband and 'chaos' Donald Trump.

Screenshot of Jill Biden on "The View"; Donald Trump
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Democratic First Lady Jill Biden was a guest on Wednesday's episode of The View to promote her new children's book and to discuss the important role facing voters in the 2024 election.

The professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College suggested it was a no-brainer when deciding between the two candidates likely facing off in November: her husband, Democratic President Joe Biden, and former Republican President Donald Trump.

Dr. Biden told Americans that every vote counts in the upcoming election and that the current administration was doing everything possible to get the message out.

During the program, co-host Joy Behar, who like the President is 81, asked what Democrats could do to convince the rest of the country that Biden could "get the job done" and was "competent, alert, and doing the job" despite complaints about his advanced age.

The First Lady insisted:

"This election is not about age."

She noted that Trump was going to turn 78 and that he and her husband were "basically the same age."

“This election is about character,” she said.

“You have two choices."
“You have my husband, Joe, who you all know, who has integrity. He’s strong, he’s steady, he’s a leader, he’s smart, he’s energetic.”

She then mentioned Trump and summed him up in one word:

“Or you have chaos,” she said, eliciting cheers from the studio audience.

The internet approved her message.

You can watch the full segment here.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Talks Age in the 2024 Race, Role of Women Voters | The

Biden, who has been traveling every day across the country meeting with people, remained optimistic about voters choosing the right candidate.

She said:

"As people start to focus a little bit more about what's at stake and start to become educated on the issues and the differences between the two men, I believe that Americans are going to choose good over evil."

As the audience applauded, she also strongly urged Americans not to take lightly Trump's warning of a "bloodbath", his MAGA signal for another violent revolt if he were to lose in the election.

"We've seen it, so when he says [dictator, bloodbath, third term, violence], believe him," she said, adding:

"Don't think this isn't going to happen."