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Pat Robertson Says God Told Him Trump Would Be Reelected—and That It Would Bring About the End Times
CBN News

Far-right televangelist Pat Robertson is known for spouting conspiracy theories from a digital pulpit, claiming gay people wear rings designed to infect others with HIV and that the 2010 Haiti earthquake was a result of a slave rebellion in 1791.

But even Pat Robertson has criticized Trump in the past, primarily for gassing peaceful protesters to get a photo with a bible and for pulling the United States out of Syria.

While many weren't surprised to hear Robertson claim that God told him Trump would win reelection in November, the caveat he offered was much more interesting.

Watch below.

After claiming there's evidence of God returning to earth in "our lifetime," Robertson said:

"The next thing is the election that's coming up in just a few weeks, at which time—according to what I believe the lord told me—the President is going to be reelected. I'm saying by all means, get out and vote. Vote for whoever you want to vote for, but by all means, let your voice be heard, but it's going to lead to civil unrest of great proportions, then the lord gets to Israel and so forth and so on."

The claims generated a wealth of reactions, mostly deriding Robertson.

Some did agree with him on one point: that a Trump reelection would usher in the end times.

The presidential election is on November 3rd, but early voting has already begun in at least 40 states.