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Sarah Sanders Dragged After Claiming That 'Caring About People' Is 'the Core' of Who Trump Is
Fox News

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders may not heap praise upon President Donald Trump from a podium anymore, but that doesn't mean she's stopped completely.

Since leaving her post at the White House, the staunch Republican took a job with Fox News where she routinely glorifies the President's decisions.

A recent appearance on the network was no different.

Sanders swore that the President—who's pushing to fully reopen schools and businesses despite warnings from experts—is doing "literally everything" he can to keep them safe.

Watch below.

Sanders said:

"Under President Trump, I think every parent can go to sleep at night knowing that the president of the United States is doing literally everything he can to keep them safe. That is his number one duty, number one obligation. He should be reminding people of that, but do it in a way that is compassionate, talk about how he cares about the people and remind them of that being the core of who he is and one of the things he ran on in 2016 and helped him get elected,"

Others would disagree. The President repeatedly downplayed the threat posed by the virus during the early stages of its outbreak, this resulted in a failure to contain it and now there have been over three million cases in the United States, with 140 thousand dead.

That was one of many instances people cited as evidence that Trump's core isn't guided by his sense of empathy and selfless concern.


Some thought the assertion was downright comical.

Since her departure, Trump has repeatedly encouraged Sanders to run for governor in her home state of Arkansas.