Using Tumor Genetics to Kick Cancer’s Butt

[DIGEST:  The Guardian, Science, The Atlantic, Eureka Alert] Personalized gene therapy to fight cancer? The potential is there, and it’s game-changing. Malignant tumors are notoriously hard to fight. Cancerous cells mutate, distinguishing them from normal, healthy cells. The mutations change molecules called neoantigens, which create a sort of red flag that tells the immune system … Continued

African Americans Swapped Diets with South Africans in a Unique Cancer Study–But Will The Findings Change Any Habits?

A Pittsburgh University team recently conducted a study in an attempt to lower the risk of cancer by observing various eating habits. The focus was particularly on African Americans, given that population’s historically high rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. (The article notes that heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are among the top … Continued



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