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60s scoop Indigenous reparations

Canada Will Pay US$600 Million In Forced Adoption Restitution To First Nations People

After court ruling, Canada negotiates settlement with '60s Scoop survivors in ‘first step’ toward ...

Canada, Chechnya, Chechen refugees

Canadian Rainbow Railroad Gives Safe Passage to Gay Chechen Refugees

Canada is quietly working with a non-profit group in Toronto to create an underground ...


Canada Seeks To Eliminate Dairy As A Food Group

A proposal would eliminate dairy as a food group in response to a debate ...

Trudeau Says No Way To Trump in Major Canadian Foreign Policy Shift

In what is being described as a landmark foreign policy speech, on Tuesday, Canada’s ...

The Bison are Back at Banff

The bison are back in Banff after a 140-year absence — and they are ...

canadian settlement

This Settlement In Canada Is Three Times Older Than The pyramids

Archaeologists have confirmed that humans inhabited an island off Canada’s BC coastline during the ...

Canada's budget

A Tale of Two Budgets: What Canada Just Proposed Puts U.S. to Shame

Canada has unveiled its 2017 budget plan and it stands in stark contrast to ...


Canadian Judge To Woman in Rape Case: “Why Couldn’t You Just Keep Your Knees Together?”

[DIGEST: CNN, Washington Post] Robin Camp, a Canadian Federal Court Justice faces possible removal ...

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